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In the old days, college athletic fans were limited to standard media sources like television and newspapers. Thanks to the internet, those original sources are now complimented by a virtually countless and evolving supply of alternative sources of news and opinions. Not only can fans find many more sources of information (running the wide range from professional to immature), now they can also interact in many ways. Since 1996, FightOn.com has served as a collection of links to web sites revolving around USC and it's athletic programs. Here, you will find a simple home base where you don't need bookmarks or to remember URLs - a reliable base where you don't have to worry about pop-ups and spyware.

Fans interested in the "official" word can check in at the USCTrojans.com web site. Ryan at USCFootball.com and Garry at WeAreSC.com have assembled excellent staffs of multiple writers and contributors, with both sites supplying a steady stream of news and commentary. Those looking for regular updates on USC sports can check numerous sites from FightOn.com that link to, or summarize news and articles like TOPDJ's updates. Those looking to interact on message boards have numerous choices including bulletin boards like Ryan's USCFootball.com Board, WeAreSC's moderated Board, and the original Trojan Football Online. Basketball fans have a home at Galen Central and/or USCHoops.com, while fans of recruiting might enjoy the discussions at Java's WildWest Board. And don't miss the web site of the infamous Thundering Herd.

There is also a collection of links to blogs that provide interesting browsing, spanning a wide spectrum and ranging from insiders and some of the well connected local beat writers (like the sometimes controversial Scott Wolf), to current and former USC students that blog and write like pros, to the sometimes random or blunt opinions of a range of bloggers. A few years ago I added direct links to twitter feeds which allow you to check what's up with official sources, current players, and many of those already listed above without actually having to follow them (although you may prefer to follow your favorites directly on twitter). I do have a twitter account that you are more than welcome to follow, although I tweet infrequently and mostly about investments and finance.

I use the site myself virtually every day (at least the days I am at a computer with internet access) to surf the many USC oriented web sites, as do thousands of others. I have on occassion accepted some text advertising that is complimentary to the site and I may add a banner if its not too intrusive to offset my time and expenses in maintaining the site. I also get a commission from Amazon.com if you buy something there after linking from fighton.com (thank you very much to all those that purchase after linking from here). If you are a Trojan alum with a web business, feel free to drop me an email with your web site address - I'm generally happy to include a link to your site.

I've included more about the history of FightOn.com here. You can read more about me at InvestorHome.com, which was recommended by the Wall Street Journal in 2014 and has been cited in a diverse collection of financial media sources including Forbes, Barron's, peer-reviewed Journals, multiple best selling books and on CNBC).

The site has historically been coded in HTML (since I learned the basics when I started the site), but I finally added some CSS in 2015 to modernize it and attempt to make it work consistently across devices of various makers and size, as well as different browsers. If you prefer the old html only format I have left a link for that on the navbar.

Feel free to email me with suggestions, or to chat about USC, the internet, business, or if you would like to consider getting a second opinion on your investments. My email address for this site is "gary" symbol for 'at' "fighton.com" (sorry for being criptic, problems with spam in the past).

Enjoy your stay and Fight On!


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